Wood pallets are the most widely used in many industries, it's versatility (can be produce in many sizes according to your needs), durability, cost and ability to be recycled, make them to be an excellent product.

B&S Pallets manufactures pallets to meet our customer's specifications.

WOOD TYPE       Size L x W            Weight Capacity            Shipping Weight

Recycled         36" x 36"              1,500 lbs                     30 lbs
                         42" x 42"              1,500 lbs                     40 lbs
                         48" x 40"              2,500 lbs                     45 lbs

New Wood       48" x 40"              2,500 lbs                     50 lbs
                         48" x 48"              3,500 lbs                     60 lbs
                         58" x 41"              2,000 lbs                     60 lbs

Heat Treated   48" x 40"              2,500 lbs                     50 lbs

Does your company have problems
with the used pallets, broken or
in pieces?

Besides the bad aspect that feature the
stacked pallets and space usage in your
company, these are dangerous for your
employes, plus a potential fire hazard.

B & S Pallets can recycle your used and broken pallets. It is more economical and beneficial for your Company!